Frequently asked questions

How long do the kits take to put together?

The official "build" time for our kits is approximately 500 hours. While this figure may seem optimistic, it's actually quite reflective of actual build times. In putting one of our kits together, you're simply lining parts up, drilling and riveting - all of the actual parts manufacturing is done for you at the factory.

Unlike most other kits on the market, our kits were designed for the kit builder. What this means is that the inherent simplicity of the design makes it easy to build. For example, no real jigs or fixtures are needed to put the aircraft together - just a flat workbench, with all the sections being built up from the flat reference. Also, our kits come with complete drawing (blueprints) of the aircraft, and not just assembly instructions. We've found the single biggest factor affecting build times is large doses of common sense and basic ability to work with blueprints and instructions, and not prior building skills, tools or experience.

What's the most difficult part about building a kit?

You'll find it most difficult getting started on the project. While you won't need special skills or tools, knowing how and where to start is probably the biggest challenge you'll face with a kit project, and you'll likely be overwhelmed by the scope of the project at first. However, once you've drilled that first hole and realized that you're only working on a small section of the aircraft, you'll find that everything is starting to come together - literally. The following is an actual quote from a first-time builder who had a hard time getting started: "Finally got past the jitters and have started construction. What a great project!"

What kind of assembly instructions and help will I get?

The backbone of every kit is the detailed Drawings and Manuals. The Drawings and Manuals are supplied with the complete kit and document the complete blueprints for the aircraft as well as a detailed step-by-step illustrated assembly manual. The Drawings and Manuals are frequently revised to incorporate any changes or to make the instructions more specific or easier to follow. Available technical support and builder resources: Online builder resources - our exclusive builder Internet web pages contain up-to-date revisions, builder lists with email addresses, an automated builder mail list (forum), building tips, hints and much more.

Can I build one in my single car garage?

Yes, most builders build all the kit sections in a single-car garage or basement workshop. When building the kit, you're working on small modular sections, such as a wing, tail section, or rear fuselage. All you really need in your workshop is a large flat workbench. Once all sections are completed, then most builder rent or borrow hangar space to put all the sections together and ready the aircraft for its first flight.

What special skills or tools are needed to put a kit together?

Our kit have been painstakingly developed not to require special skills or tools: Our philosophy is to provide the kit builder with all pre-manufactured components that do require any special building skills or tools. For example, the wing spars (which use conventional solid rivets) are completely pre-built at the factory and supplied ready-for-assembly in the kit. That means that you won't spend a fortune purchasing specialized tooling or spending a lot of time learning new skills. To learn and experience first-hand the basic kit building procedures, join us for one of our sheet-metal workshops: These workshops are held right at our factory, and give you the opportunity to actually start assembly of your own kit aircraft.

Do I need a pilot's license to fly these aircraft?

Are these kits ultralights? Yes, you need a Private Pilot's License. These designs must be operated like any other aircraft. Zenith Aircraft designs have been developed for sport pilots, meaning that they're designed primarily for the recreational "weekend" pilot and they don't require professional piloting or building skills.

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